Logbook Serbistan

Serbia, 2015 / 94 min20:00 h / 28.03 / Hall 1
  • DirectorŽelimir Žilnik
  • Writer (Screenplay)Želimir Žilnik
  • EditorVuk Vukmirović
  • Director of photographyMiodrag Milošević and Orfeas Skutelis
  • ProducerSarita Matijević
  • ProductionPlayground produkcija
  • Soundtrack designerFilip Vlatković
  • AnimatorNikola Berbakov, Aleksandar Ilić

Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers in Serbia, placed in asylum centers after their dramatic journeys from war-torn and poverty-stricken areas of North Africa, Near and Middle East go through a period of adaptation to life and social circumstances in Serbia. In most cases, however, their goal is to reach one of the EU countries. Docu-drama is a space for them to, beside the socio-political context in which they found themselves, show their individual values, becoming heroes that viewers can identify with and whose destiny and struggle they can understand